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We have purchased at least 10 pairs (in the last year) of your shoes. We have loved every pair of them. Our granddaughter, Lillie Alexandria, is 21 months old and these fit her perfectly. Your measurement instructions are accurate and so easy. Thank you for designing such wonderful shoes!

Betty (Houston, TX)

Our son LOVES his squeaker sneakers! He'll ask for them by name in the morning (he'll pick them up and say "mama WEEK, mama WEEK" instead of mama SQUEAK, mama SQUEAK). He's about to turn 2 - and we're at the end of our squeaker sneaker days by virtue of growing feet, but loving every minute. Thanks for such a fun and versatile product. We're huge fans!

MKK (Akron, Ohio)

As soon as the box arrived, we had to put them on! I LOVE that they do not require a break-in period. New squeakies are just as soft and comfy as the ones we just out grew! Thanks again! Already debating which pair we will get for winter.

Andrew J.

I ordered my daughter 2 pairs of squeakers and she loves them. The best part is watching her get excited when she makes them squeak. They are unbelievably cute and we get comments on them wherever she squeaks! I cant wait for her to grow out of them so we can order new ones!

Whitney K. and her mom, Kimberly

I just have to tell you how I discovered Squeaker Sneakers. We were at a hotel last weekend, and an adorable little one-year-old was walking around with her mom. None of us could figure out where this squeaking noise was coming from, until we realized it was the girl's shoes (which were so cute, even without the squeaking). The girl's mother enthusiastically informed us about Squeaker Sneakers. The toddlers and pre-toddlers we had with us were captivated, and us mothers were excited to check these shoes out for ourselves. I ordered a pair today for my 21-month-old. She loves to make noise, and she loves shoes, so I imagine they will quickly become her favorites! We can't wait for them to arrive so we can go out and spread the word about Squeaker Sneakers! Thanks for creating such a fun and unique product!

Jennifer S., Spring Grove, Minnesota

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