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Did you know that we support Autism Research?

We Support Autism Research

We have a huge heart for all children, especially those who have Autism. We have decided as a company, to donate a portion of our profits to OAR, an incredible organization dedicated to Autism Research. You can learn more about their amazing efforts below:

“We are the Organization for Autism Research, better known as OAR. OAR is an organization founded and led by parents and grandparents of children with autism, who serve as the Board of Directors providing leadership, life experience, and heart.

If our parent leaders are the heart, our Scientific Council, 16 remarkable and equally dedicated autism professionals are the brain when it comes to our mission and research direction. They are not simply a list of names on letterhead; they are a “roll up your sleeves” team that we call on throughout the year to share their professional expertise and review the merits of all research grant applications.

While the Board and Scientific Council take care of strategy and big picture stuff, it is OAR’s staff, a retired Marine and six people who take OAR’s mission to heart, that answer the call every day. They work hard. They work as a team, and they care.

The last and most important piece of the OAR paradigm is the community we serve. It is strong. It is diverse. It is vocal. It is unyielding in its quest for answers. On one hand, the community is our reason for being; on the other, it is the source from which we draw strength, support, inspiration, and the capacity to act and do good.


If you want to understand the spirit in which our leaders, volunteers, and staff operate, read the values that guide us in our mission.”