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Hear from Co-Owner and Mom, Dionne Newman!

With the catchphrase “guaranteed giggles”, Co-Owners Rhett Westfall, Dionne Newman & Kaley Lamberson knew they were on to something special when they joined forces to revive the original Squeaky Shoe company Squeaker Sneakers…

Read Our Revival Story Below…

When co-owner…

and mother of two, Dionne Newman’s daughter was learning to walk the doctor pointed out she was favoring her toes. With the worry and angst of so many aspects of being a first-time mother, Dionne knew there had to be something she could find to help correct the toe walking before the issue became a problem!

When searching for different solutions, she came across a doctor who suggested audible feedback through shoes that squeak. 🐭

This would help the child learn to walk heel to toe.

This seemed like the best easy fix, the problem was all the styles of shoes that she came across were kind of “blah” for her girly dress-wearing little girl!!

And that’s when she had the thought- Squeaker Sneakers needed to be revived!

With the help of her brother, Rhett Westfall, who was also a first-time father at the time and whose background was in business, as well as a good friend of hers, Kaley Lamberson, who had experience with small businesses and marketing, Squeaker Sneakers came back to life!

Our mission was to design high quality, fashionable toddler shoes that are affordable for all walks of life. taking our mission even further we have partnered with OAR, an Autism Research non-profit and donate proceeds to their cause.