About Squeaky Shoes

In order for the shoe to squeak a child must walk heel-to-toe. This encourages crawlers to begin walking and toddlers and young children to walk properly and not up on their toes.

Physical Therapists are now using our squeaky shoes with toddlers and young children in their clinics to encourage proper form while walking. The audible feedback from the shoe aids the child in knowing when he or she is walking correctly.

The squeaks can be disabled by an adult by pulling out the "squeaker" located in the heel of the shoe.

Children may imitate you and choke on it.

Be careful to put the "squeaker" in a safe place, away from small children. (Lipstick cases in diaper bags hold the squeakers well.)

The "squeaker" can be re-inserted when you want to produce the squeak noise again.

Why Squeaky Shoes?

  • Great motivation for the slow-to-walk child, pre-walker and beginner walker. There is audible feedback after every step. 
  • Pediatrician-recommended soft-soled exterior and very flexible for young developing feet. 
  • Very comfortable. The way the shoes are designed, your toddler steps on air and forces it through the "squeaker" in order to produce the sound. As a result, your child is literally "walking on air".
  • Wonderful tool for knowing your child's whereabouts in the house when you are in a different room. 
  • Entertains children while in the stroller or car seat. 
  • Safety feature of knowing where your child is in crowds should he/she scramble out of your hand. It is easy to listen for the squeaking noise. 
  • Squeaker Sneakers™ are great encouragement for visually impaired children and will allow visually impaired parents to hear the steps of their little ones. 

  • Once your child wears our shoes, he or she will not want to take them off. They are adorable, high-quality shoes and are just plain FUN for kids!


    How to Care for Squeaky Shoes

    Be careful not to let your child wear our squeaky shoes in water, sand or dusty environments. If sand or water enters the "squeaker", the plastic piece that vibrates may become dislodged and no longer squeak. Should this happen, please do the following
    (out of the view of your child):

    1. Remove the faulty squeaker from the shoe.

    2. Blow forcefully into the small end of the squeaker tube. (You may have to do this two or three times).

    3. Once you hear a forceful speak noise, re-insert the squeaker tube into the shoe.

    4. The squeaker mechanism should be reset and work just fine.



    This squeaker can be a choking hazard. Although the squeaker is secure it is recommended that you check it regularly to ensure it does not become loose. You could add a small amount of glue to the squeaker to keep it safely in place.

    Never take the squeaker out with your teeth! We do not want the children to imitate you and choke on it!

    Be careful to put the “squeaker” in a safe place, away from small children.