Testimonials – Squeaker Sneakers


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I just wanted to thank you for your product. I have been purchasing now for a year or so. Every time my niece gets a pair of shoes, she jumps in them to see if they squeak. I am now about to purchase a pair for a little girl - Peyton who has Sickle Cell Anemia. Though she's over a year old, her disability has delayed her walking progress. I am happy to report that her squeaker sneakers will be encouraging walking factors. I can't wait for her little feet to walk in your product!!! Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. Your shipping package and quality product will keep me as a loyal customer. Thank you again!
Nashia W.


Just want to let you know how much we love your Mary Jane shoes! My daughter loves wearing them, (I do remove the squeaker!) they have super comfy soles and we get so many compliments on them. My daughter has been to farm trips, play grounds and gardens in these shoes and they do not scuff up! It is incredible how they maintain their great appearance! We have had about 8 in this last year- here is a picture of her current shoes! Your fast delivery is awesome too, thank you. Such happy customers! Thank you!!


We have purchased at least 10 pairs (in the last year) of your shoes. We have loved every pair of them. Our granddaughter, Lillie Alexandria, is 21 months old and these fit her perfectly. Your measurement instructions are accurate and so easy. Thank you for designing such wonderful shoes!
Betty (Houston, TX)


I just wanted to tell you that my daughter Aaliyah loves your shoes so much!!!! I first saw them at the mall here in Boise Idaho she never liked shoes and as soon as I put those on her she just started running everywhere!! I get so much attention with these shoes and tell everyone about your website I just wanted to thank you they're awesome!


I have been meaning to write you to tell you how much I LOVE your shoes. My daughter Gabriella has 3 pairs and she gets compliments on them ALL the time. The black ones are everyone's favorite. I have been stopped by many mothers to ask me where I got them. They are just so adorable, comfortable and stylish! Thanks so much!!!
Lauren and Gabriella (Tampa, FL)


My friends absolutely LOVED the squeakers shoes I purchased from your website! Amazingly enough, their child decided that pulling up and jimmying around the furniture is what she loved the most and the shoes will come in handy and promote her freedom as well. Thanks a million!
Amy Copeland (Olathe, KS)


My son is the 1st one I bought squeakers for. He loves his squeakers so much that when he became 2 1/2, it was time for new shoes. He didn't want any other shoes but his "neaker queakers." That is how he says it. Then I bought some for my stepdaughter (pictured above). Oh boy, she loves them even more then my son. Those are the only shoes that she will wear. My kids love Squeaker Sneakers. I tell everyone about them. I have sold so many for you. I love them. Thank you for making something that helps them learn and have fun all in one.
Rebecca (Scott City, MO)


Our son LOVES his squeaker sneakers! He'll ask for them by name in the morning (he'll pick them up and say "mama WEEK, mama WEEK" instead of mama SQUEAK, mama SQUEAK). He's about to turn 2 - and we're at the end of our squeaker sneaker days by virtue of growing feet, but loving every minute. Thanks for such a fun and versatile product. We're huge fans!
MKK (Akron, Ohio)


The two pairs we got for our grandson were such a hit!!! He was only walking/staggering in bare feet. Once he discovered he was squeaking he was really stepping to squeak and smiling the whole time. Too too cute.

I told my son I super-glued the squeaker in so not to even try to pull it out. This pair that I just ordered is for my great nephew who is able to stand alone. Thank you for the ease in ordering and for the speed in shipping.
Beth C.


As soon as the box arrived, we had to put them on! I LOVE that they do not require a break-in period. New squeakies are just as soft and comfy as the ones we just out grew!
Thanks again! Already debating which pair we will get for winter.
Andrew J.


I ordered my daughter 2 pairs of squeakers and she loves them. The best part is watching her get excited when she makes them squeak. They are unbelievably cute and we get comments on them wherever she squeaks! I cant wait for her to grow out of them so we can order new ones!
Whitney K and her mom Kimberly


Had to write to thank you for such fab shoes! My youngest son is just walking and loves his squeakers!
He is lucky because his big brother has passed on several pairs to him. They are amazing and look almost brand new. Squeaker Sneakers are not only super fun and comfy but last through all the wear and tear a toddler (boy) can put them through! He loves his very own pair first pair - navy baseball squeakers.
Thanks again!


Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. These are the first shoes she has liked and has kept on her feet. She loves making the squeaking noise even when she is not walking. She is 11 months now but started walking last month I think her shoes had a lot to do with it. Thanks again we will be ordering more soon.
Shannon B. (Oklahoma City, OK)


Love the shoes. My great grand daughter is so cute wearing them. We will always know where she is when she has them on. Thanks.
Claudia Shepherd


I just wanted to tell you what a hit your shoes have been in our town of Sudbury Ontario Canada. I recently ordered two pairs of shoes from this website for my son. He has extremely wide feet with a very high instep and I was tickled that your adorable shoes actually fit him. I just got my order a week ago and have already placed my order for the next size up he is 20 months old and already almost out of your size 7. He has drawn attention everywhere we have gone, everyone loves the shoes and I have probably already told about 20 people about the website. I wanted to thank you for a great product.
Squeaker Sneaker lover in Canada, Jennifer Natti


Order arrived today (Friday) already! Wow, such fast service. I only wish I could've been there in Kansas City to see Ryleigh (age 15 mos.) when they put them on her but we were on the phone hearing everything. You should've heard the shrieks and laughter when she realized what those shoes could do! But I'm sure you've had lots of comments like this. Our son did report that Ryleigh kept bumping into things cause she was so busy looking down at her new squeaky shoes that she forgot to look where she was going! That's the only downside, but she'll learn. Thanks again for the super-fast service! I am definitely ordering from you again. I have my eye on some kitty cat shoes...
Carolyn Huffman, Ryleigh's grandma (Elmore, Ohio)


I just have to tell you how I discovered Squeaker Sneakers. We were at a hotel last weekend, and an adorable little one-year-old was walking around with her mom. None of us could figure out where this squeaking noise was coming from, until we realized it was the girl's shoes (which were so cute, even without the squeaking). The girl's mother enthusiastically informed us about Squeaker Sneakers. The toddlers and pre-toddlers we had with us were captivated, and us mothers were excited to check these shoes out for ourselves. I ordered a pair today for my 21-month-old. She loves to make noise, and she loves shoes, so I imagine they will quickly become her favorites! We can't wait for them to arrive so we can go out and spread the word about Squeaker Sneakers!
Thanks for creating such a fun and unique product!
Jennifer S., Spring Grove, Minnesota


I just wanted to write you a note to let you know how much we love our Squeaker Sneakers! My 10-month old, Jayce, is on her second pair, and we are about to order her third pair. They are the only shoes we ever put on her feet - she has only ever even owned two other pairs of shoes, and they just sat in her closet until they got too small to wear. She gets so excited every time she realizes she has her Squeakers on, it just seems pointless to even bother with any other type of shoe. Once she hears a squeak she will start stomping her feet and she just laughs and laughs! She has a really wide foot, but we have never had any problem with your shoes fitting her, and the leather is just so incredibly soft. We get compliments everywhere we go on these shoes... Thank you so much for making such a fabulous product!
Jen D. (Jacksonville, FL)


Hi, I just wanted to let you know we love your shoes!! I'll be sad when my daughter can't fit in them anymore! I've bought her a few pairs and have bought them as gifts! They're great!! Thank you.


Thanks for the quick shipment. The shoes are wonderful. My daughter loves to wear her "squeak, squeaks". They are especially great if we are outside in the yard. I can work on my plants & flowers and still know how far she has wandered from me. We will be ordering more I'm sure. Thanks,
Bridgette W. (Green Cove Springs, FL)


Hi! Got them today in she is in XANADU...........took of running like a marathon runner, jumps and sings the "kweeky chew" song. Thanks so much!! Love the flower shoes by the way. You made her day.
Michelle (Vancouver, Washington)


These shoes are adorable. I bought a pair for my daughter, my niece, and my nephew. They are the bees knees.
Barrett (Rock Hill, SC)


Thanks for the quick shipment... love the shoes.
Gina (Matthews, North Carolina)


Thank you for the speedy shipping. The shoes are adorable, will definitely do business with again.
Corrine (Flanders, New Jersey)


I received my daughter's shoes last Wednesday (I was worried that they wouldn't make it in time for her birthday coming up), which was a great surprise! They arrived so fast! So I was dying to try them on her; and put them on as soon as I could. Well, what a show! The first time they squeaked, my daughter (she is 11 1/2 months) looked down and couldn't take her eyes off her feet! And our little chihuaha, who goes nuts over anything that squeaks, couldn't figure out where the squeaking was coming from! So my daughter got a kick out of her furry little friend and all that squeakng. It was priceless. Thank-you soo much for the memories in the making.
Angie (Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada)


WOW! I was very impressed with how fast I recieved my daughter's shoes. She loves them by the way. She is only eight months old and already wants to walk. When I put the shoes on her she immediatley began to want to walk when she heard the squeak. Thank you so much!
Chelsea S. (Sulphur, Louisiana)


I got the shoes today!!! I LOVE them....I put them on my daughter right away....and she was so excited/delirious with laughter. In about 30 seconds, after I put these shoes on her....she began to walk properly...she knew right away that if the shoes didn't squeak, then she was walking incorrectly...on her tip toes. So she has established her walking properly...heel to toe! AMAZING.....LOVE these shoes.
Thank you sooooo much....your shoes are great, your service is great. I am going to show all my friends and family!!!
Kathy (Ontario, CANADA)


Your shoes are adorable. Someone gave my newest 14 month old granddaughter a pair for her first birthday. I have never seen such shoes. She loves wearing them. I looked for your sight to price them out etc maybe for the future. Definitely great shoes for the beginning walker and busy children. You know right where they are and if the noise stops you better get looking for them! Very pleased that God blessed you with this idea and may he prosper you for His glory and purposes.


I just wanted to send a quick Thank You. My little girl just received her "SHOES!!", today. This is the second time we have ordered shoes from Squeaker Sneakers and both times our orders have been perfect and received very quickly. My daughter loves her new shoes. Thanks so much.
Teresa Barr


My mom bought my son his pair just after his first birthday. He wore them out. When my daughter was born, I knew I'd have to get her a pair when she started walking. I was so happy to find them at Watch Me Grow in Oklahoma City! She is 14 months old now and I bought her first pair yesterday. She loves them! My son is so jealous, he keeps trying to put them on!
Alicia H. (Oklahoma City, OK)


I got the shoes, and my son loves them. A smile spread across his face at first squeak!. He is starting to cruise and take a few steps at only 7 months! The squeaks will be essential very soon, as my two kids are sure to run in opposite directions! 
Karen M. (Tampa, FL)

Everyone loved watching him run around the sites of Houston! The were so amazed with his squeakers! It is a sure way to bring smiles to faces of young and old alike! Thanks so much for not only a fun shoe- but a great shoe right out the box! No "break-in" period is requied. We are on our third pair, only because our feet keep growing! I know they won't be our last either!
Marcy J. (Point Blue, La.)


I would just like to say how much my daughter loves them. I didn't even know that she knew the word "squeaker" but as soon as I put them on her last night she ran around the house, showing them off to her brothers, screaming "skeeker!" over and over again. She is 20 months old and bullied one of her older brothers into putting them on her this morning as soon as he got her out of bed. She is napping right now, shoes on feet.
Heather (Redmond, Washington)


Hi, just wanted to say wow! They arrived Dec. 8th (3 days post order!) We love them & video taped our son on his first tryout... Priceless footage! Thanks for the great advice on that one.
Kim F. (West Sayville, NY)


Hi Kelly, I received the sneakers today and we absolutely LOVE them!! Thanks.
Nancy P. (Villa Park, California)


My daughter (Gretel) and I love squeaker sneakers. We went to the mall the other day and we were stopped about 50 times by people wanting to see Gretel's shoes. I told everyone about Squeaker Sneakers. They are the only pair of shoes Gretel will wear. They don't trip her like other shoes do. She loves to stomp her feet as hard as she can. Which produces a loud squeak that makes her giggle up a storm.
Thanks for offering such a fun product.
Jenny Diederich


My 2+ year old granddaughter just received 2 pairs of your "squeakers". She absolutely loved them at first try-ons. Her mommy had them sent to put a smile on everyone's faces while she is on deployment with the Armed Forces. They have certainly served their purpose in bringing smiles everywhere that we go. We don't leave the house without these cute shoes on her feet. Your company has brought fun and smiles and "happy feet" to an otherwise sad situation. Thank you!
Proud mother and grandmother...(Knoxville, Tn.)


I LOVE your shoes! I ordered some a year ago for my son and just ordered
more to give as Christmas presents. They are wonderful. Thank you.
Kristy (East Hampton, NY)


I wanted to thank you for my order. I got the shoes about 4 days after I ordered them! VERY QUICK! Thanks. I already got two other people to order them in this short time. I wish I had more business cards to hand people when they ask me "where did you get those"!?!
Tracy, Oklahoma City, OK


We stumbled onto a pair of squeaker shoes in 2006, when my oldest child was a year and just beginning to walk. He loved them from the moment he heard the first squeak! They were the most expensive pair of shoes we had bought for him and I must confess we were apprehensive. Would they hold up? Would he grow out of them in less than a month with the next growth spurt? We were so impressed! They held up beautifully. Even when he decided to wade in the creek with them. And they lasted several months before his feet outgrew them. Of course, they were soon replaced with a second pair. Our second child is now 16 months old. She is on her third pair and loves them, too. My only complaint? My poor three year old son now wears a size 10 and we can't find a pair of leather shoes that he will wear. He wants squeakers again! Any chance we could get a boys lace up leather in a size 10?
Some people - older ones in particular - think the shoes must drive me crazy. But I love knowing where my children are. With more than one child, I can't always keep my eyes on both at the same time ... but my ears can always find them!
Lari M. (Cabot, AR)


I just found your website. My daughter, Audrey, got a pair of Squeaker Sneaker sandals for her birthday in June '07. We put them on as soon as she started walking. They are adorable and I love that they are soft-soled, because that is the first thing I check when buying shoes. We got so many compliments on them. When I took the "squeakers" out to send her to Mother's Day Out (in attempt to not drive her teacher crazy), she cried when they didn't squeak when she walked.
Holly P. in (Lafayette, LA)


We were lucky enough to be passed down a well worn pair of your pink mary janes. These quickly became my daughter StorieLane's very favorite shoes! Even after they were too little she crammed her foot in them. So I told her grandparents she needed a new pair for her birthday. Well she got two pairs!! She now wears a 6 so I hope you guys will consider making some more big sizes as I don't see her "outgrowing" them in the near future!!
Olivia Whiteside (NC)


OH MY GOSH! THANK YOU so much! My daughter absolutely LOVES her new shoes! This is her first official pair of shoes. All other shoes we have purchased for her, she takes right off. We thought she would hate shoes forever, but she has worn these for two days now and has not even tried to take them off. They are adorable. I am telling everyone about them.
L.B. (Tracy, California)


I just received the shoes. They are so cute!. Our grand-daughter is only 3 months old, but we must be prepared. I got the second pair for a friend's baby, but that may not happen. Now that I have seen them, I am sure I will be purchasing more. 
Joyce M. (North Carolina)


We ordered three pairs of shoe for our granddaughters 1st birthday (with her Mother's assistance). They are incredible shoes! Our granddaughter loves them (and keeps them on!) - even my 80 year old Mother thinks these shoes are wonderful. Our daughter-in-law says she plans only buying your shoes from now own.
Cathy (New Mexico)


I got them on Monday. LOVE THEM. My daughter had bought our grand daughter some pink ones when she was tiny in Nashville where they live- of course she out grew them and Shellie could not find them anywhere. While going through the too little things a few weeks ago, Lindsey kept trying to wear the pink shoes and at two, could not understand why they did not fit. 
I started the great web search and lucked on your site after a zillion squeaky toddler shoe sites -- I found you! This will make a great Christmas for her.
Donna L. (Dublin, VA)


I just received the red cat sneakers for my 2-year-old and they are the cutest shoes I've ever seen. Not only are they adorable, but they are so well made and affortable ! My daughter loves them! She wore them the whole weekend and they attracted lots of attention from strangers. I told everyone about these shoes and your website! Thank you - I will be placing another order real soon!
I.M. (Staten Island, NY) 


Just wanted to drop you a little note. I love the Squeaker Sneakers. My daughter started walking a week after her 1st birthday. It could have been the shoes. My neighbor ordered a pair and loved them. People on the streets stop me all the time and ask where I got the shoes. They are so cute. My daughter has a wide foot and is hard to fit. The Squeaker Sneakers fit her perfectly and the leather is so soft. When summer rolls around I will order a pair of sandals. Thank you so much!
K.C. (Lafayette, LA) 


We love them – the best shoes I have ever bought. Adam started walking at 8 ½ months. They really came in handy finding him…Thanks! Just bought his second pair today!!
DSC (New Iberia, LA)


Just a little story. My son was wearing regular sneakers. His uncle had not seen him since my son started walking. My son walked around in the sneakers. My mother-in-law also loves the squeaker sneakers and had me change my son into his Squeaker Sneakers, and he obviously loves those shows. Immediately, a big smile came across his face and he just walked all over the place to hear the squeaking. I have had many comments (positive) on these sneakers. It's also a great way to keep track of where my son is. The other thing is that my son started walking on his tippy toes and continued for the longest time, so he didn't really walk for a long time, just walked on his tippy toes while holding on to things. When he first started taking some steps, I went out and bought the Squeaker Sneakers at a local store. I have never heard of them. I thought it was the cutest thing and in velcro too! Dressy enough for church too. Well, my son pretty soon was walking flat footed and no more tippy toes b/c he wanted to hear the squeaking. It was something the local shoe store salesman says he has seen in kids who walk on their toes. I was very disappointed to find that the store only carried sizes up to size 5. I decided to check your website and found you go much larger. Thank you so much. I don't think my son or I are ready to grow out of Squeaker Sneakers.
The Squeaker Sneakers have been such a hit at the church nursery (in another town) that a local kid's store in that town is thinking about carrying them in her store. 
Karen and Christian


I have received my shoes and we love them---She is not quite big enough
wear them---but they are adorable--We can not wait to hear those squeakers. Thanks for a wonderful product.
Brenda H., North Carolina


I just purchased our second pair of Squeaker Sneakers for my son Nathaniel who is now 16 months old. He loves to wear them all the time and will even ask to have them put on if he is not already wearing them. We have always had a "no shoes in the house" policy until I found these. I love knowing where he is, even if he sneaks off. He loves to show off his squeakers.