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When You’re Out in Public: Squeaky Squeak Squeaker Squeakin’

Who doesn’t love seeing an adorable child walking in a pair of our Squeaker Sneakers?! Especially when our shoes are being used to help promote walking the correct way – from heel to toe.

In fact, one of our favorite restaurant chains made a public apology for how they reacted to squeaky shoes and now want to help support children with disabilities:

“Panera Bread has apologized to the family of a 2-year-old girl who was asked to remove her doctor-prescribed shoes because a customer complained they were squeaking too much.

Mother Catherine Duke told CBS affiliate WTOC in Savannah, Ga. that officials at the restaurant chain had personally spoken to her family and told her they want to throw a fundraiser to help her daughter Emma with medical costs.”

You can read the entire article here:

The good news is that our Squeaker Sneakers have the ability to “squeak” and even to be “silenced”. Once your Squeaky Cutie learns how to walk properly, you can silence the squeak and the shoes can still continue to be enjoyed every day!